Whom the Gods Would Destroy


Richard McCulloch


"When falls on man the anger of the gods, first from his mind they banish understanding."
"When divine power plans evil for a man, it first injures his mind."
"Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first deprives of their senses."
"Whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad."
"For those whom God to ruin has design'd, He fits for fate, and first destroys their mind."
John Dryden
"Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."
Enoch Powell (1912-1998), British Conservative Member of Parliament, in a 1968 speech on the dangers of nonwhite immigration that effectively ended his chances for higher office.

Fact is often stranger than fiction. We are often entertained by apocalyptic works of fiction in which humanity, or an important part of it, is threatened with destruction. We are witnesses to the suspenseful efforts of the protagonists to save it. In the world of fact we are also witnesses -- to a real-life drama which is much more than a case of life imitating art. The drama unfolding before us is the gradual diminishment and extinction of the Nordish race through the process of racial intermixture and replacement. Its existence has already suffered major loss and diminishment. Yet the presently dominant morality prohibits Northern Europeans from engaging in any effort to save it, or sympathizing with any such effort, or even caring about its plight. They are not permitted to oppose the ongoing destruction of their race, but are expected to support it.

In fiction, a tragedy is a morally significant struggle ending in the destruction or downfall of something or someone of great value or importance. The tragic playwrights of ancient Greece invented the form, emphasizing the role of morality in the conflict. They also originated the classic warning quoted above, that madness precedes, and causes, destruction. But it is the essence of madness that those afflicted by it cannot see it, and scorn as mad those who do. The divine, ruling or dominant powers that have made them mad, that have turned them against their own vital interests, against themselves, to bring about their own destruction -- through the agency of a self-destructive ideology, religion, morality or system of beliefs and values -- prevent them from being aware of either their madness or the fate it brings upon them.

The Nordish race has been turned against itself. It has accepted a dominant ideology or morality, a system of ideas, beliefs and values, that denies and violates its vital rights and interests, promotes its diminishment and destruction, prohibits it from acting to save itself, and condemns as immoral those who do. The result, setting the stage for a classical tragedy, is that the Nordish race has been made effectively mad on racial matters. This tragic phenomenon is the overriding cause of the process of extinction now destroying the Nordish race. Without it, the other causes would be ineffective and soon eliminated. It permits and assists their operation, and prevents any defensive action against them.

The dominant ideology, or ruling power, accepted by the Nordish race at the potentially fatal cost of its racial sanity is racial nihilism. Most have no real choice in this matter. They are conditioned or indoctrinated. Their minds are molded, bent and shaped to fit and conform with the dominant ideology, morality, beliefs and values of racial nihilism almost from birth without fair exposure to alternatives. The combined institutional influence of the news and entertainment media, the educational system, government and churches, the personal influence of academic, political and religious authority figures and leadership personalities, and the peer influence from one's social environment, are difficult to oppose. Those who succeed tend to possess an unusual degree of intellectual, psychological and moral independence and confidence, enabling them to think for themselves, form their own opinions and judgments, and stand alone, if need be, on their principles and beliefs.

Whatever the natural and proper loyalties of their genes, most Northern Europeans have been thoroughly conditioned by their environment -- the dominant racial nihilist, anti-Nordish culture -- to be against the vital rights and interests of their race, to regard them as immoral for conflicting with the secondary rights and interests of other races, and to regard those who support them as immoral. This conditioning is so effective in some people as to elicit an almost Pavlovian response, an unthinking, "knee-jerk" reaction of blind indignation against vital Nordish interests and those who support them.

This conditioning begins when the subjects are young, even pre-school age. The young of any species are the easiest prey, being relatively trusting and defenseless. Young people are vulnerable to racial indoctrination. Racial awareness, consciousness and sensitivity grows with age. This is true of all forms of knowledge, experience and wisdom. But knowledge can be suppressed and distorted no less than nurtured and encouraged. The present culture, and its educational system, does not encourage awareness that racial nihilism can cause the nonexistence, by devolutionary intermixture, of the Nordish race. This information, this simple but very important item of knowledge, is not provided by the dominant culture. It is not regarded as a proper subject of concern. The object of racial nihilist education is to instill support for racial nihilism, and this is hindered by recognition of its destructive effects. The purpose of racial nihilist indoctrination is to steal the loyalties, the hearts and minds, of Northern Europeans away from their natural allegiance to their own race and its vital interests, and turn them, or pervert them, against themselves. As the Turks demonstrated with their corps of Janissaries, such soul-stealing efforts are most effective when started very young.

Because of the repression of knowledge about the destructive effects of racial nihilism, much of the support it now enjoys is not the product of well-informed thought. The decision by Northern Europeans to support racial nihilism has generally been ill-informed. This decision is also affected by such factors as racial intelligence, sensitivity, consciousness and awareness, which vary among different people, strong in some and weak (or even nonexistent) in others. The purpose of racial nihilist conditioning is to weaken or repress these factors, to racially desensitize the subject and make them racially unconscious, unaware, unintelligent, insensitive or senseless.

As Plato informs us in his famous allegory of the cave, all people are not gifted with the same vision, the same ability to see, to understand or to comprehend. What is clear and obvious to some can neither be seen nor understood by others. People often find it difficult to believe what they cannot comprehend, and often distrust or fear what they do not understand. They cannot appreciate the value of something they are unaware of, or love something they are unconscious of. Racial love, or love of one's race, is not possessed in equal amount by all alike. The sense of concern, caring, appreciation and affection for one's race, and desire to preserve and protect it, is stronger in some than in others. Those who lack it often cannot understand it. As is all too common among the all too human, they often ascribe values, ideals, emotions and behavior they cannot comprehend, and which they lack, to a negative, ignoble or inferior source of motivation -- such as hatred or mental illness -- rather than to a positive, noble or superior source -- such as love or mental fitness and well-being. To do otherwise would admit their own incapacity.

Those who cannot see the effects of racial nihilism -- the destruction of the Nordish race by replacement and devolutionary intermixture -- have much less reason to oppose it than those who can. Those who do not care about the Nordish race, who do not love or value it, who do not care if it lives or dies, have much less reason to oppose racial nihilism than those who do. Those who are not aware of the process of Nordish racial destruction now occurring are much less likely to oppose it than those who are. Those Northern Europeans who cannot see, who do not care, or who are not aware, are much more likely to support racial nihilism, or at least be complacent about it, than those who can see, who do care, and who are aware.

Another major cause of Northern European submission to racial nihilism and their own racial destruction is complacency. Complacency stems from the desire to believe that all is well, or if something is wrong it is only a minor problem, is not a cause for concern, and does not require decisive action. Complacent people conform to the dominant or established culture, accept its beliefs and values, comply with its doctrines and dogma. They do not like to be informed that something is seriously and dangerously amiss, that something important is in dire peril and requires action to save it. They do not like to be told that the existing order, the status quo, is seriously wrong and is destroying something of great value, and that major change is required to prevent its destruction. They do not like to be disturbed from their inertia and false sense of well-being by knowledge that imposes a moral responsibility or duty to act, and resent those who confront them with such knowledge.

Complacency, indifference, unconcern or lack of caring about the survival or destruction of the Nordish race is assisted by racial unawareness and unconsciousness. Because many people are unaware of just what the Nordish race is, and what it includes, they often fail, or are unable, to make connections between various Nordish traits and characteristics and the Nordish race itself. This often results in very inconsistent values and attitudes. They might value many Nordish traits and characteristics (particularly physical traits related to esthetics and beauty, such as Nordish facial features, skin, hair and eye coloration, skin and hair texture, etc.) without connecting them or their existence with the Nordish race itself, separating them from the race which gives them existence, and upon whose continued undiminished existence and well-being their continued undiminished existence and well-being also depends. By failing to make this connection, they might hold ideological beliefs and values which do not value the existence of the Nordish race and deny it the conditions it needs to continue to exist, while at the same time valuing various unique Nordish racial traits and characteristics and opposing anything which might endanger their continued existence. They fail to connect the race and its traits, and to see that the diminishment or non-existence of one will necessarily include the diminishment or nonexistence of the other. In reality, they cannot be separated.

Avoidance or evasion of reality is even worse than the inability to see reality, and even more dangerous, for it scorns and rejects those who can see and are willing to see. "There are none so blind as those who will not see." They willingly embrace ignorance out of fear of knowledge they do not want to know. Like the subjects in the tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes," they do not want to see or know what they are not supposed to see or know, as they believe such sight and knowledge indicates immorality.

There is another reason to avoid reality, embrace ignorance and fear knowledge. People frequently wish to be spared knowledge that will cause them pain. The ability to perceive reality, when one's people are undergoing a process of destruction by a ruling power so dominant it seems impossible to stop, is a source of great pain and suffering to those who have it, and who care. To Northern Europeans who love their race, knowledge of its ongoing diminishment, and awareness of the racial death that awaits it a few generations in the future down its present path, brings the pain of an open, continuously bleeding wound that will not heal. But pain serves a positive and very important purpose. It is a warning. It makes us aware that something is causing us harm, even potentially killing us, to give us a chance to avoid it, to act to protect or save ourselves, to stop the harm or destruction, the hemorrhaging, before it is too late. There are two types of Northern Europeans who do not feel pain at the destruction of their race -- those who do not know and those who do not care.

The ancient folk tales of the Nordish race were commonly practical warnings, often in allegorical form, against the dangers of the world. It was hoped that these warnings would be heeded by their audience, and possibly save them from pain or destruction. The existential dangers to life were often symbolized by predatory animals. The wolf was the most common and familiar symbol of these perils. But the greatest threat, peril on the grand scale, was symbolized by the dragon (or great snake, serpent or worm).

The dragon, like the other predators, was the enemy and destroyer of life, but of epic proportions. It hungered to destroy the very source of life itself. The dragon's preferred victim was the virgin, symbolizing the life-source, the center of the race. In this allegorical world, as in the real world, woman was the source of renewed and continued life. The virgin was a woman who had not yet reproduced, the source of new life who had not yet created new life, who had not yet fulfilled her existential purpose, mission and destiny as intended by nature and the powers of Creation. The dragon sought to prevent the virgin from creating new life, from fulfilling her destiny, to preempt life at its source. The virgin, the life-source, was either consumed or hoarded as a prisoner; the most precious part of its hoard of treasure. Either way, she was prevented from fulfilling her purpose, and the continuation of life was catastrophically denied.

The dragon is a metaphor for the anti-Creation and anti-Life ideas, beliefs, practices, values and ethics that prevent or discourage the creation, preservation and continuation of life. It is a metaphor for the forces of death. For the Nordish race, this metaphor is realized in its most dangerous, destructive and life-threatening form in the ideology of racial nihilism. Racial nihilism is the dragon that denies the right of the Nordish race to life, that deprives it of the conditions it requires for continued life, that destroys its life at its source by devolutionary, decreative intermixture, that has already claimed millions of Northern Europeans as its victims -- more than any war or plague -- and threatens it with extinction. It is the dragon of racial death that now rules the Nordish race. The living generations of Northern Europeans have been born in the dragon's cave and have lived all their lives there, under the dragon's spell. For most of them it is the only world they have ever known, or can conceive of. They have learned their values and ethics in this world, with the dragon -- their destroyer and anti-Creator -- as their teacher and law-giver. They judge and measure all ideas and values by the dragon's standards, the only ones they know. They have been taught and believe that the dragon's will and way -- the way of racial destruction -- is the right and just way, and they see everything only through the dragon's eyes. The only light they know is that provided by the dragon's fiery and destructive breath. They have never seen the light of Creation.

Northern Europeans have learned to worship the dragon of racial nihilism as their foremost god, with failure to obey its will as the foremost sin, and failure to worship it as the foremost form of heresy. The foremost form of worship is to feed Northern Europeans to the dragon. It consumes them in small bites or large gulps, as fast as it can, as fast as its willing victims place themselves in its jaws, mesmerized and hypnotized, or as fast as unwilling victims can be pushed into them. Millions have been consumed, bit by bit, a little bite of beauty or talent here, a bigger chunk there. Many have been led, and fed, to the dragon by their friends, teachers, preachers and even their parents, placed by them on the dragon's sacrificial altar. The greater the racial value of the victim the more the dragon desires to consume them, and the greater its pleasure and enjoyment in satisfying its appetite.

In the symbolism of the folklore and chivalric romances that are part of the ancient wisdom of the Nordish race, the hero-knight saves the virgin-princess from the dragon that would have destroyed her and prevented her from creating new life. She is grateful to her champion for her salvation, and they join together in the creation of new life, completing their triumph over the dragon. But the victims of the dragon of racial nihilism, in their madness, have lost this ancient wisdom. They have been conditioned to seek and welcome their destruction, to regard those who would save them as enemies and traitors to the dragon, and to reject and condemn them -- and their efforts -- as evil and immoral. This dragon is the god who seeks to destroy the Nordish race, first making it mad by turning it against itself.

Racial nihilism is the established religion, the orthodox faith, of the present culture. All other religions must conform to its values and beliefs or be regarded as irreligious. All members of the culture, of whatever other professed religious affiliation or preference, or of no other religious affiliation, are indoctrinated in its doctrines and dogma from early childhood by every cultural institution, public or private. Public funds and laws are used to support and enforce its policies and teaching. Tax money is given to those who teach and promote its doctrines, withheld from those who do not. Any expression of disbelief or disagreement is condemned as heresy. The indoctrination of its adherents is often so complete as to produce a dogmatic, and even hysterical, fanaticism which cannot tolerate dissenting opinions or alternative points of view.

Racial nihilism is an idolatrous religion. Its idols are the various personalities and celebrities that espouse, or espoused, its doctrines and dogma. Many of the adherents of racial nihilism personify its ideas and values in these idolized personalities. They regard any idea or value which conflicts with those espoused by the idols of these personality cults as heresy. The diverse idols, rightly or wrongly, include such late personalities as John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Mead, John Lennon and Mohandas Gandhi, all enshrined in the racial nihilist pantheon, as well as numerous living political, artistic, entertainment and athletic celebrities. The names of these various idols are invoked to condemn ideas which disagree with the racial nihilist doctrines with which they are associated and identified.

The major denominations of Christianity give their full support to the promotion of racial nihilism. They deny the vital rights and interests of the Nordish race, assist the cause of its destruction, and denounce any desire or effort to save it. They encourage interracial marriage and adoption among their congregations, bring non-Nordish immigrants into the Nordish homelands, and assist their settlement and absorption into the Nordish community. The Christmas holiday, which replaced the yule holiday of the pre-Christian Nordish racial religion, has itself been subverted to promote racial nihilism, which is now hailed as the finest expression of the Christmas spirit. The universalist (non-racial) doctrines and world-view of Christianity have readily embraced the "One World, One Race" ideology in their missionary efforts to gather all the world's races into their faith. This ideology, which would destroy the Nordish race by devolution and replacement, is increasingly equated by Christian leaders with salvation. By this confused reasoning, the souls of Northern Europeans can only be saved if they support the destruction of their race.

As Christianity becomes ever more anti-Nordish in its values and teachings, the Nordish race is confronted with religious issues and questions that affect its very survival and continued existence. Is it evil for the Nordish race to continue to exist, to live? Are the conditions of racial separation and independence required for continued Nordish life evil? Or, is the destruction of the Nordish race by genetic submergence, and the denial of the conditions it needs to exist, the true evil? If religion is worship of, and service to, Creation and Life, what is the pro-Creation and pro-Life answer to the above questions? Certainly, if the Nordish race is to survive, it needs a religion that is for it rather than against it, one that defends rather than condemns its vital rights and interests. It needs a religion that supports its right to racial life, not one that joins the gods who wish to destroy it, and promotes the ideas that are making it mad.

Nordish support for racial nihilism is madness. It is a mass psychosis that leads the Nordish race to self-destruction. It turns Northern Europeans against themselves and their own race, alienating them from their natural loyalties. It causes parents to lead and give their children to the racial murder of racial intermixture, ending the racial line or continuum of generations. Suicide and self-destructiveness are not mentally healthy. When a person or race is against their own existence, and the conditions they require for existence, they are mentally ill. For the Nordish race to accept an ideology that denies its right to live, and the conditions it needs to live, it must be mad. To equate such racially destructive madness with idealism, niceness and love, as the proponents of racial nihilism do, is to equate death with life. The madness of racial nihilism is the madness destroying the Nordish race.

The Nordish race will not achieve racial mental health until it recognizes what is racially healthy and unhealthy. The conditions that are conducive to continued, undiminished racial life and well-being are racially healthy. Those that tend toward racial diminishment and nonexistence are racially unhealthy. Those Northern Europeans who support and practice the former conditions are racially healthy, those who support and practice the latter are racially unhealthy. The racially healthy Northern Europeans want their race to live. They have a racial life wish. The racially unhealthy Northern Europeans do not want their race to live, or do not care. They have a racial death wish, by intent or default. The healthy are racial lifeists, and support racial livism, the live and let live racism of the Racial Golden Rule. The unhealthy are racial deathists, and support racial deathism, the racial nihilist program for Nordish extinction.

To achieve racial mental health the Nordish race needs philosophical, ideological, religious and moral health. This is the racial immune system. Health in this area provides the Nordish race with immunity from the self-destructive mental illness of racial nihilism. Lack of health in this area creates an immunity deficiency that weakens its ability to protect itself from the racial nihilist madness. Health in this area enables us to distinguish what is good for us from what is bad for us, what is healthy for us from what is unhealthy, what is wholesome for us from what is unwholesome, what is right for us from what is wrong, what is helpful for us from what is harmful. Without the ability to make such distinctions, and set standards by which such matters can be measured and judged, the Nordish race will soon show the symptoms of racial nihilism and suffer its deadly effects.

Ethics, behavior, values and practices cannot be properly judged apart from their results and effects. These effects and results must be made clear and explicit, brought out in the open for all to see and judge without evasion or confusion. Results and effects are more important than motive or intent. Assertions of positive motivations of goodness, niceness and love should be measured by an objective standard. Creation and Life, and the vital interests of the race, are the objective points of reference by which we should measure and judge all such assertions, and all ethics, values, behavior and practices.

It is common for advocates of every idea to claim that it is the position of love, and that its opposition represents hate. With objective points of reference these claims can be properly evaluated. If its effects are harmful to the vital interests of the race, endanger its continued life and threaten to decreate or undo its creation, it should not be accepted as a product or example of goodness, niceness and love. Racial nihilism has such effects. It leads to Nordish extinction through a process of intermixture and replacement. The culture it dominates portrays this racially destructive process -- the genocide of the Nordish race -- as emotionally warm, humorous and the natural result of love. (Mixed racial families, by marriage or adoption, are a particularly favored theme.) Those Northern Europeans it has made mad accept this portrayal, and believe that goodness, niceness and love achieve their highest expression in actions which violate the vital interests of their race and contribute to its destruction and death.

The madness of racial nihilism finds its most complete success in those Northern Europeans who are turned so completely against their race and its vital interests that they deny, or refuse to admit, its very existence, to others as well as themselves. That it even exists is something they cannot bear to contemplate. They will not name it or grant it any recognition, status or legitimacy. If, at some level of their consciousness, they do know that their race really exists, it is only cause for them to hope more intensely for its speedy extinction, to hope more fervently that nothing will save it, to support more strongly the causes of its death, to deny more strenuously its right to life, and oppose more fanatically its continued existence and anything that might save it. Other racial nihilists minimize the value and importance of what will be lost if the Nordish race becomes extinct. But those who deny its very existence, its identity, its status as a racial-genetic continuum, its past and future generations, its history and potential destiny, do much more than reduce the perception of the value and importance of that which is being destroyed, that which will be lost -- they reduce its extinction to a non-fact, to the destruction of nothing, to the nonexistence of something that never really existed. No form of genocide, or suicide, could be more complete, and no form of madness could be more total.

The worst enemies of the Nordish race are to be found within the Nordish race itself. They are those who have been turned against the vital interests of their race, against its very existence, by the maddening effects of racial nihilist ideas and values. A house divided against itself cannot stand, part wanting their race to be free and part wanting it to be enslaved to the interests of other races, part wanting their race to live and part wanting to sacrifice its life on the altar of racial nihilism. The struggle for Nordish salvation is internal, not external, within itself, against the part or side of itself that is against itself. In this chapter, as Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Nietzsche wrote, "That which does not destroy me makes me stronger." But the avoidance of destruction itself requires strength. That which does not destroy us is that which we are strong enough to resist. The madness now destroying the Nordish race, racial nihilism, is succeeding because the Nordish race has lacked the strength to resist it, because the Nordish race has been too weak to oppose its own diminishment and destruction. The lack of strength, the weakness, is not physical, but -- like the madness itself -- spiritual, moral and mental. The weakness is in racial consciousness, racial loyalty, racial caring and racial love.

How many Northern Europeans today, especially those in positions of power, prominence or influence, could say that they love and care for their race, and are loyal to it? How many Northern Europeans would admit to such feelings of loyalty, care and love if they had them? The answer is not many but few. This lack of loyalty, care and love is the source of the madness that is destroying the Nordish race. The Nordish race is dying of, being killed by, a lack of care and love. Those whom the dominant ideology or religion -- the metaphorical god -- would destroy it first makes not to care or love. It must first cause them not to love or care for that which is being destroyed -- themselves.

Richard Wagner, with whom Nietzsche often disagreed, believed that love was the answer to all the questions of life, that it was the source of all redemption and salvation, that it alone had the power to overcome the forces of destruction. Perhaps he was right. Perhaps the strength and power the Nordish race needs to redeem and save itself, to overcome the destructive madness of racial nihilism, can only come from love. The Nordish race must learn to love itself, and that may well prove to be the greatest love of all.

Racial nihilism is the dominant ideology and religion wherever there are Northern Europeans to serve as its victims. By its values and beliefs Nordish racism -- the love of Northern Europeans for their race, their resistance to that which would cause its diminishment or death, their desire for it to live, to be free, separate and independent -- is equated with hatred. The assertion of vital Nordish rights and interests is regarded as a wrongful violation of the conflicting, non-vital desires of other races.

As racial nihilism is the foremost religion of the modern Nordish lands, so Nordish racism is the foremost heresy. As a heresy it is a victim of many popular misconceptions as to its true nature and intent, its motivation and purpose, means and ends. These misconceptions are propagated by the proponents of the racial nihilist orthodoxy, with the goal of enforcing conformism to the dogma they profess. In their portrayal of Nordish racism their method is to accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive. Their success is best measured by the number of Northern Europeans who accept their teaching and equate the cause of Nordish racial salvation and continued life with hatred and evil. No cause enjoys such universal support and acceptance as the cause of Nordish racial death. No cause suffers such universal condemnation as the cause of Nordish racial life. Nothing is so widely regarded as the highest form of goodness and morality as those values, beliefs and actions which are causing the death of the Nordish race. Nothing is so widely denounced as the worst form of immorality as those values, beliefs and actions which promote continued Nordish life. Death has never been so popular, and life never so unpopular, as when the life and death in question is that of the Nordish race.

For its life's sake, the Nordish race must free itself from the coils of the genocidal dragon of racial nihilism. It must free itself from the spell of the anti-Nordish death song that sings of its destruction and nonexistence. It must learn to sing its life song, the song of racial life that will slay the dragon of racial death.

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