The Racial Golden Rule



Richard McCulloch

"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees & the stars; you have a right to be here."
Desiderata , Anonymous

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or, in the negative form, "do not do to others what you would not have them do to you." This simple moral maxim of live and let live, the essential basis of good will in relations among and between men, in both its positive and negative forms, is called the Golden Rule. It can be traced to the origins of ethical thought in many different cultures, and can be regarded as the most basic rule governing social relationships between equals. It is a rule requiring equal treatment, fairness, a single standard applied to all alike, quid pro quo, something for something, an equal exchange, mutual respect of rights, and reciprocity. Its mutuality means that it is shared in common, granted by all to all. Its reciprocity means that it is returned. The treatment you give to others is returned by others giving the same treatment to you.

Reciprocity is the basis for the voluntary recognition of rights among equals. Each recognizes and respects the same rights for others that they want others to recognize and respect for them. This mutual and reciprocal recognition and respect of rights and interests is given freely by each in the belief that in doing so they best secure and guarantee these same rights and interests for themselves. All are treated fairly and equally. Double standards, which treat some differently from others -- either to their benefit or detriment, unfair to others or themselves -- are prohibited.

Some rights and interests are more important than others. Some are major and some are minor. Some are primary and some are secondary. Some are vital and some are non-vital. Vital rights and interests are the most important of all. They are essential for the preservation of life, its health and well-being. Life is the supreme right and interest, upon which all others depend. Life includes independence, or control over one's own life, without which it has no real meaning. In a conflict between rights and interests, the greater, or more important, right or interest takes precedence over the lesser. Life is the greatest right and interest, and takes priority over all others.

The Racial Golden Rule is the application of the ethical Golden Rule to the interaction and relationships between different races. Racial rights and interests can be classified as vital or non-vital, primary or secondary, and legitimate or illegitimate. Vital rights and interests are life-essential, the conditions required for continued racial existence, health and well-being. Non-vital rights are not life-essential. All vital rights and interests are also primary (in fact, the most primary of all) but not all primary rights are vital. Non-vital primary rights are those which are closely related to vital rights, assist and support them, and never conflict with or violate them. Secondary rights and interests are those which have no relationship, and provide no support or assistance, to the requirements of life. Legitimate rights and interests are those which do not conflict with, or violate, a greater right or interest than themselves. A right which conflicts with a right greater than itself is illegitimate.

Under the Racial Golden Rule, a non-vital right or interest of one race which conflicts with, or violates, a vital right or interest of another race is illegitimate. Similarly, a secondary right of one race which conflicts with a primary right of another race is also illegitimate. The vital rights and interests of a race are the conditions it requires for continued life and independence. These are racial separation and freedom. Racial justice requires that vital rights be accorded priority over non-vital rights. To do otherwise, and sacrifice the vital interests of one race by giving priority to the lesser interests of another race, would be the ultimate racial injustice.

The Racial Golden Rule of reciprocity recognizes the right of each race to life and to the conditions it needs to live. It respects the right of each race to independence, self-determination, freedom, exclusive ownership of its own existence and sovereign control of its own affairs. To secure these vital rights and interests it supports racial separation, racial independence and non-interference in the affairs and development of other races.

The Racial Golden Rule opposes racial supremacism -- the control, domination or rule of one race by another. Racial supremacism violates reciprocity, prevents separation and independence, and conflicts with the vital right of the subject race to control over, and ownership of, its own life. Under racial supremacism one race is the master of another, or several others, with control over its existence or nonexistence. The subject race is reduced to the status of being a mere means to serve the ends and interests of the master race.

Racial supremacism can be open or disguised, accomplished or implemented by force or guile. Whatever its form, its effects are to deny the dominated race its vital rights and interests, the conditions of separation, independence and control over its own affairs and development that are part of its right to life. It is an aggressive, offensive, imperialist and chauvinist form of racial interference. The race it subjugates and dominates, whose independence it denies, is its victim.

Under the Racial Golden Rule all rights are reciprocal and shared in common by all races. All have the right to racial life. All have the right to racial independence, the exclusive ownership of, and control over, their own life, without which their life would have little meaning or purpose except as a means to serve the ends and interests of other races. All have the right to self-determination and sovereign possession of their own territory. The proponents of the Racial Golden Rule claim these rights for their own race and, in reciprocity, recognize them for other races as well.

The Racial Golden Rule is consistent with divergent evolution and the moral racism of the racial compact. It supports racial separation and independence as required for continued racial existence and divergent evolution. It promotes the right of each race to self-rule and self-determination, to shape its own evolution and destiny, free from control, domination, intrusion or interference by other races. It is consistent with the so-called "Prime Directive" on the television series Star Trek , which prohibits interference with other peoples or cultures, including any attempt to give aid or advice, or otherwise influence their development, and respects their independence and their right to make their own choices and follow their own destiny.

The Racial Golden Rule is inconsistent with racial nihilism and devolutionary racial intermixture. It conflicts with the racial nihilist goal of the "melting pot," which would eliminate human diversity by reduction into a racially mixed solution. It would make the world safe for human racial diversity, which can only be preserved and continued by the same conditions -- racial separation and reproductive isolation -- by which it was created.

The Racial Golden Rule asserts the right of every race to racial freedom through racial separation and independence. To secure racial freedom and separation it respects the requirement of every race for its own exclusive racial territory or homeland, its own independent and sovereign government. It declares for every race the freedom to follow its own path, to control its own life and existence, to determine its own course of development and to pursue its own happiness and evolutionary destiny. It is a declaration of racial independence, freedom and diversity, holding it to be self-evident that all races were created different, and have a right to be different, to be themselves, with equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of their own happiness.

The Racial Golden Rule rejects the alternatives to racial freedom, separation and independence. These alternatives are either a multiracial society or a system of racial supremacy. The first is racially destructive and violates the racial right to life by denying the conditions required for life. The second is unjust to the oppressed race, denying its right to control of its own life, and whether imposed by brutal force and terror, or guile and subversion, is unacceptable in any form.

The Nordish race, as the race most seriously threatened with effective extinction by multiracialism in the foreseeable future, has more at stake in the Racial Golden Rule than the others. Its very existence is dependent on it. The presence of non-Nordish races in the Nordish racial homelands is in direct conflict with the vital (life-essential) right of the Nordish race to its own exclusive territory, as required for the conditions of racial separation and independence it needs for continued life and control of its own life. The Nordish right involved in the conflict is nothing less than its right to life.

The right of non-Northern Europeans to live in the Nordish racial homelands, to live among Northern Europeans, and to have equal rights with Northern Europeans in the Nordish homelands, is not a vital or primary right. It is not essential for their continued life or well-being. The right involved is not their right to life, but a claimed right to live in the Nordish homelands. They each have their own racial homelands where the great majority of their race resides in a state of racial security and safety, unthreatened by other races. They can live very well in a state of independence and separation from Northern Europeans, and have done so for the whole of their existence before the last few generations. But this alleged right does violate the vital and primary rights of the Nordish race, denying it the conditions it needs for life. In this conflict between the vital right of the Nordish race to the conditions of separation and independence it requires for life, and the non-vital right of non-Northern Europeans to dwell, and enjoy equality, in the Nordish homelands, the Racial Golden Rule accords priority to the vital right over the non-vital.

The Racial Golden Rule accords this same priority to the vital rights of all races, and in reciprocity each race should support the vital rights of all other races in return for recognition of its own vital rights. That the vital rights of the Nordish race are endangered, and those of the other races are not, is its problem, and one it must solve for itself, for this variance in degree of racial vulnerability, jeopardy or peril is matched by a corresponding variance in respect and support for racial interests. The vital rights and interests of the Nordish race, the one race most threatened by the effects of multiracialism, are not accorded priority over the non-vital rights and interests of other races, nor even equal status with them, but are regarded as illegitimate by the dominant culture and morality. They are not even considered to be worthy of concern or consideration, but are denied and sacrificed as a matter of course for the sake of the non-vital rights of other races. The dominant racial nihilist culture and morality reveals itself, by this double standard of rights and interests, to be an anti-Nordish culture and morality. It has preempted the rule of "live and let live" with an anti-Nordish double standard of "live and let die." The "live" applies to the non-Nordish races, the "let die" to the Nordish.

Considering the different interests involved, vital versus non-vital, a morality which considers the non-vital right or freedom of a non-Northern European to live in a Nordish homeland to be more important than the vital right of the Nordish race to racial freedom, separation and independence, to life and control of its life, must be regarded as violating the rule of reciprocity and equality of rights. It must also be regarded as teaching, promoting and practicing a profound anti-Nordish bias. It is, in fact, a morality of Nordish destruction, denying the Nordish race the right to racial life, and under the Racial Golden Rule must be regarded as morally intolerable.

The anti-Nordish double standard of the dominant culture and morality, sacrificing the vital rights of the Nordish race to serve the non-vital rights of other races, creates conditions so adverse to Nordish life that they can be described as genocidal, or "race-killing," in effect. It is opposed to the conditions of separation and independence required for continued Nordish life, hostile to vital Nordish rights and interests, and discouraging to Nordish reproduction. It does not consider the Nordish race, or its continued existence, to be valuable or important. It belittles the Nordish race, its culture and its achievements, to foster the perception that its loss would be a small loss, and its replacement by other races a positive development.

The Racial Golden Rule is the only morality fully consistent with opposition to genocide. It actually goes beyond opposition to genocide, as it is the only morality truly committed to the right to racial life, and to the conditions required for racial preservation, independence and freedom. But the dominant racial nihilist culture and morality, with its anti-Nordish double standard, uses allegations of past genocidal actions to deny the Nordish race the conditions required for its continued life, and to justify its genocide, while any resistance by Northern Europeans to the genocide of their race, and support for the conditions it needs to live, is portrayed as leading to the genocide of other races. This hypocritical position is the result of a reductionist form of reasoning, which reduces all thought on the subject of genocide to just two extreme alternatives -- either racial intermixture or racial conflict and mass murder. Both of these alternatives are racially destructive and genocidal. The possibility of another alternative, the alternative of the Racial Golden Rule, opposing racial destruction and genocide in any form and by any means, dedicated to racial preservation, the right to racial life and the right of all races to the conditions of racial separation and independence required for life, is not considered.

The most extreme solution to any difference is to eliminate the difference, either by killing those who are different or by mixing the two different types into one uniform type. Both are destructive of life and of the diversity of Creation. The pro-life, pro-diversity and pro-Creation alternative is the Racial Golden Rule. Neither side kills the other or sacrifices itself, its existence or its vital rights and interests. Instead, both sides practice mutual and reciprocal respect for the vital rights and interests of the other -- the essential basis of good will between the races.

Racial nihilist reductionism claims that the only alternatives open to the Nordish race are either to kill other races or to kill itself -- to sacrifice itself, its life and existence, its future and destiny, to a process of extinction by intermixture and replacement. The Nordish race is following the second option, but not facing it or admitting it to itself, as it is the option of inaction, requiring nothing but passive acquiescence, the easy choice that does not require a choice, that does not require conscious awareness. But there is another choice, that of the Racial Golden Rule, in which no race need die or sacrifice its existence, but all be allowed to live and be secure in the recognition of their right to life.

The Racial Golden Rule is opposed to the presence of any race within the homeland or territory of another. It is against any race being where it does not belong, violating the vital rights and interests of another. It applies this rule equally to all races. It is against the presence of non-Northern Europeans in Nordish countries, and is equally against the presence of Northern Europeans in non-Nordish countries. It is against all control of Northern Europeans by non-Northern Europeans, and is equally against all control of non-Northern Europeans by Northern Europeans. It is against all interference by non-Northern Europeans in Nordish affairs, and all interference by Northern Europeans in non-Nordish affairs. It is opposed to any race being the master of others.

The ideological position of moral Nordish racism, serving and loyal to the best interests of the Nordish race, is consistent with the Racial Golden Rule. It does not oppose in any way the continued healthy existence, well-being, independence or vital rights and interests of any other race, and expects other races to reciprocate and take the same position toward the Nordish race. It does not want to transform other races into Northern Europeans (and decries efforts by non-Northern Europeans to imitate Nordish traits with plastic surgery, hair bleach and light colored contact lenses, even if such imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), but neither does it want the Nordish race to be transformed, by intermixture or any other means, into another race. In the spirit of racial good will, it wants all races to be preserved and continued as themselves in their own sovereign homelands and expects other races to share this position. Those who do not share this position are not acting in a manner consistent with good will, and are in effect supporting racial destruction or genocide.

The presently dominant culture and morality (and those many persons -- Nordish and non-Nordish -- who conform to its values and teachings) does not consider the continued existence of the Nordish race to be a matter of importance. In fact, it is implicitly hostile to it, as demonstrated by its explicit hostility to the conditions the Nordish race requires for existence. By contrast, practitioners of the Racial Golden Rule of live and let live and mutual good will among the races, although they may not have as great an interest in the continued existence of other races as they do in the preservation of their own, do strongly support the continued existence of other races, would consider it a great loss if any of them should cease to exist, and would certainly never promote their nonexistence, nor deny them the conditions they require for existence, or oppose those who were working for their legitimate rights and interests, and expect the same consideration and good will for their own race in return.

Practitioners of the Racial Golden Rule are less concerned with what opinion other races hold of their race than that they respect its vital rights and interests -- its right to racial life and the conditions of racial separation, independence, self-determination and freedom it requires for continued existence and control of its own life. Other races can think what they please of their race -- good, bad or indifferent. They can hate it or love it, value it or despise it, insult it or praise it, consider it ugly or beautiful, primitive or advanced, ignorant or enlightened, evil or noble, whatever they wish, provided they respect its vital rights and interests, as it should theirs.

The only friendly relations between races that have value, or can be regarded as truly friendly, are those based on reciprocal respect for vital rights and interests. No true friendship, and no true friend, would threaten or deny one's right to life. If other races are offended that the conditions required for Nordish life include separation and independence from them, and their exclusion from Nordish territory, and if they would sacrifice vital Nordish rights and interests for the sake of their non-vital ones, they should not be regarded as friends nor as acting in a spirit of good will. A race is entitled -- indeed, required for self-preservation -- to be intolerant of anything, or anyone, that violates or endangers its vital interests.

The proper place of every race, the place where it belongs, is in its own homelands, not in the homelands of other races. When members of one race live in, or immigrate to, the homeland of another race they violate the vital rights and interests of that race, denying its right to separation, independence, control of its own life, and life itself. The process of populating the various regions of the earth, of the movement of expanding populations into undeveloped and sparsely populated areas (such as North America and Australia before the European expansion) was over by 1880. By that year every major habitable area was sufficiently settled and developed for the inhabiting race to legitimately claim it as its own and assert all rights of possession and ownership. Every movement of peoples since then has been into already established racial territory; either into territory already belonging to the same race or into territory already populated and developed by another race. In the latter case, the vital rights of the inhabiting race were violated by the new arrivals, who broke the Racial Golden Rule.

Under the Racial Golden Rule -- the only standard for governing racial relationships which supports the right to racial life -- all races have their right and proper place, the place where they rightfully belong, the place where they have a right to be. That place is in their own countries, their own homelands. They, and only they, have a right to be there. No other race has a right to be there. If another race is there it is trespassing, violating the legitimate rights of that race and breaking the Racial Golden Rule.

Northern Europeans do not belong in the homelands of non-Nordish races. It is not their proper place. They do not belong there. They do not have a right to be there. Their presence there violates the rights of the non-Nordish race to exclusive possession of its own territory as required for separation and freedom. Reciprocally, by the same standard, non-Northern Europeans do not belong in the Nordish countries. It is not their proper place. They do not belong there. They do not have a right to be there. Their presence there is morally intolerable. It violates the ethical rule of live and let live, the basis of racial good will, and the vital, life-essential rights of the Nordish race. Denying a race its right to life is the most extreme form of racial ill will and racial injustice.

Unfortunately for racial justice and good will, the Racial Golden Rule is not the standard governing contemporary racial relations. This fact is especially detrimental to the Nordish race. Since 1957 there has been a massive movement of alien races into the ancient homelands of the Nordish race in Europe. It is not their proper place. They do not belong there. They do not have a right to be there. Their presence there violates the Racial Golden Rule and the vital rights of the native European populations, denying their racial freedom, independence and self-determination, and the conditions of racial separation and reproductive isolation they require to maintain their racial integrity and continue their existence.

The Nordish race cannot be expected to surrender parts of its ancient homelands to other races. The restoration of Nordish racial separation and independence in those countries would therefore require that the alien races return to their native racial homelands, whether in Africa, Asia or elsewhere. If the British could leave India the Indians can leave Britain. If the Dutch could leave Indonesia the Indonesians can leave the Netherlands. If the French could leave Algeria the Algerians can leave France. If the Europeans could leave Africa and Asia the Africans and Asians can leave Europe. They must leave, or violate the Racial Golden Rule of live and let live, and deny the Nordish race in Europe the conditions it needs for continued life.

The Nordish race can be expected to surrender extensive territories of its much larger new homeland in North America to other races. Indeed, considering the large size of the non-Nordish population in North America, and its long period of residence there (proportionately much larger and longer than the non-Nordish populations in the Nordish European homelands), no other means of achieving racial separation and independence would be consistent with the Racial Golden Rule. Each major racial group in the United States and Canada would be allotted its own exclusive territory for its own separate country and sovereign nationhood. Of the possible solutions to the American racial dilemma that would restore the conditions the Nordish race requires for continued life, this would be the most just and fair.

Mohandas Gandhi is widely cited as an example of ethical behavior for his efforts on behalf of his people. He worked to achieve Indian independence from Britain by nonviolent means. He promoted the primary and legitimate rights of his race to freedom and control of its own life and destiny. All this was consistent with the Racial Golden Rule and the principles of racial justice. But his name is now most frequently invoked by those who promote multiracialism and deny the vital right of the Nordish race to the conditions of separation and independence it needs to live.

It is ironic that Indians and Pakistanis have now invaded Britain (non-violently, by immigration) in numbers twenty or more times greater than there ever were Britons in India, and have settled there to stay, whereas the British were temporary residents, blatantly denying the British people their exclusive right to their ancient homeland, claiming to be equally British with the inhabitants of hundreds of generations, and claiming the country to be equally theirs. Today, a Northern European who sought freedom and independence for his race as Gandhi did for his would be condemned as immoral by the very persons who praise Gandhi most highly. This is another example of the prevailing anti-Nordish double standard. But if there is to be racial justice and good will the vital rights of all races should be respected. If Gandhi's cause was right for India, a version of it promoting the racial right to life is even more urgently needed to help save the Nordish race.

Under the Racial Golden Rule non-Northern Europeans would not be permitted to enter the Nordish homelands for the purpose of establishing residency. They could be permitted temporary entry for limited and legitimate purposes, but they would not be permitted to live there. This rule would apply to all non-Nordish immigrants, including refugees and adopted children. As non-Northern Europeans, they do not belong in the Nordish homelands, and their presence there violates the Nordish right to racial separation, independence and continued life. They belong in their own racial homelands, among their own people, who must deal with their own refugees, take care of their own orphans and solve their own problems in accordance with full racial independence and self-determination. For the Nordish race, threatened with racial death by the already too-numerous other races in its midst, each new non-Nordish immigrant into its homelands, and each new non-Nordish child born in its homelands, is just another nail in its coffin.

Interracial adoption -- which steals children away from their own race, the race to which they belong and of which they are a part, their own racial ancestry and heritage, and their own racial environment, to be raised by, and belong to, another race, not their own, to which they do not naturally belong, of which they are not a part -- is perhaps the most tragic of all the violations of the Racial Golden Rule. The adoptees, the race from which they were taken, and the race on which they are imposed, in violation of its right to racial separation and protection from destructive intermixture, are all victims of this practice.

Northern Europeans who adopt non-Nordish children are often imbued with a missionary desire to convert or transform other peoples into facsimiles of themselves, to turn them into pseudo-Northern Europeans. They believe that what they are doing is for the good of the non-Nordish adoptees, that they are doing them a favor in separating them from their own race and their own destiny to be joined with the Nordish race and to become, by intermixture, part of the Nordish racial destiny. They are so convinced that anything which sacrifices, denies, violates or harms the vital interests of their own race is good that they cannot see that they are violating the vital interests of the non-Nordish adoptee as well. They are blinded by a form of self-righteous fanaticism that turns them against their own race and compels them to serve the non-vital interests of other races, whatever they conceive them to be, at the expense of the vital interests of their own.

Under the Racial Golden Rule the Nordish race has a right to live, a right to exist, a right to be here, no less than any other child of the universe. The dominant forces of racial nihilism deny that the Nordish race has a right to live, or even a choice in the matter. To achieve their goal of Nordish nonexistence they must overcome the Nordish will to live, overcome the desire of the Nordish race to survive and continue its existence, overcome its desire for freedom and independence. To do this they must turn the Nordish race against itself, against its vital rights and interests, against its own life. They must get it to destroy itself, to commit racial suicide. They must get it to be tolerant of its own destruction, and intolerant of its own salvation. They must turn it into its own worst enemy. It is a battle of ideas, beliefs and values, and the battlefield is the hearts and minds of the Nordish race.

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